degrees of Compromise

Quick question. And thank you all for answering all of my previous noobie questions.

In a Conflict one mouse takes the lead (roll Disposition etc). So it’s that mouse’s Conflict. The other team members help.

Lets say they lose. In the Compromise do they all suffer the same effects or is the lead mouse hit harder and the helpers take a lesser result.

For example: The lead mouse takes Injured Condition and the two other team members take Tired Condition. They are all lost.

Am I on the right track here?


I’m pretty sure that any mouse rolling or helping a disposition roll is bound to the same consequences. A lesser condition is only given in a normal obstacle test.

(Don’t have the book on hand, but pretty sure that’s how it works. Conflicts treat all teammates as equal participants.)

When the opponent goal is to kill them all, and a compromise is earned, some or all may still be breathing and in various states… it’s on pages 130-131