Depleting Nature Traits

Okay I understand that when your nature is taxed to 0 it depletes by one and you get an outsider trait. But what happens when this occurs a second time? Does the outsider trait level up? do they lose a different trait and gain something like Faded?

I’m not a dev, but I woud think that taxed Nature dropping to zero would be the exception, not the rule. (It hasn’t happened at all in our group and we’ve been playing for a while.) If I was GMing and a character dropped to 0 Nature a second time, I’d probably suggest that maybe the character doesn’t quite fit the player’s style and maybe he should consider making a new one. I don’t think I’d elevate a trait. That would be a reward and this behavior (imho) shouldn’t be rewarded. I would just replace another trait. The player should remember that if his maximum Nature is reduced to 0, the character must retire at the end of that adventure.

I realize it doesn’t happen frequently. Especially with the ability to prematurely deplete your nature to get the rating back to full. I’m running Torchbearer with some new players, though, and this possible scenario in my head gave me pause. My understanding now is, if a player let this happen again he keeps gaining new outsider traits that replaces other useful traits, and hopefully in winter he can vote those outsider traits off or something.

“If your current Nature rating drops to 0 due to tax, one of your traits is immediately changed to a trait like Outcast, Odd, Faded or something else appropriate.”

You don’t get a x2 trait. You lose an existing trait and it’s replaced. Eventually all the character’s traits are going to be weirdo traits and max. Nature will be dangerously low.

Jared’s right. Though, I do like the idea that if all of your traits are replaced and you’re full up on traits, your weirdo traits start to advance…