Describing the Map

I’ve stumbled across another area of confusion for me.

The players can’t make a map, but if they’ve got a really good sense of spacial relations, they can just memorize it as they go. So, unless they’re blinded or being chased or something, these keen-witted players can return to any point on the map, assuming that they can successfully lead themselves from area to area, right?

Originally I had gotten the impression that until they had a map, the PCs were at the GM’s mercy.

My players are drawing a map. It has no mechanical effect on their characters’ progress, but it allows us to communicate with some clarity. They still have to test certain obstacles when journeying from one area of the dungeon to another.

Once they have taken the time to make a map using the Cartographer skill, I’m going to present them with an accurate map of the areas they’ve explored, and they no longer will have to test to move through an area they’ve mapped previously.


In this thread, Thor’s response(s) indicate that you are correct. If they can navigate it, they just do. If they get lost, tough. No test to find your way in the dungeon. Just keep going with description.

However, once Cartography is used to make a proper map, you can effectively teleport around, bypassing any problems. It’s like, CUT TO: THAT ROOM WITH THE MAGIC FOUNTAINS.

Even without a map, the players are not at the Gm’s mercy. They don’t have to pretend like they don’t know how to get back to the start of the dungeon.