Different WL's, Same Demonic Hellspawn

Ok… So on Sunday my hapless PC’s will encounter the Big Bad of the current campaign. She’s a monstrous, three-headed, lizard-like beasty whose been spawning little lizard-like beasties. Those beasties have been prowling the Shire, capturing the few Elves remaining, and drinking their blood which allows them to fertilize their eggs. Fun times.

She’s a nasty piece of work that would probably turn my PC’s into jelly. Luckily, they have a small contingent of Arthadan knights to act as fodder and be turned into jelly first.

This monster has a Reflex of 6 and multiple natural weapons at her disposal, each with its own Weapon Length. Her Rending Claws are Short, her Crushing Jaws are Long, and her Thrashing Tail is Longest. Oh, and she has a missile weapon, too: Venomous Spit.

So, here’s my question: How in the name of the Valar am I supposed to run Engagement / Vie For Position tests with her? Is it whatever weapon she plans to use on that particular PC? What if she wants to thrash with her tail instead of rend with her claws? Also, since anywhere from 2 to 4 PC’s will be attacker her at any one time, do I need – like – multiple Exchange Sheets for her different weapons, while keeping track of the number of attacks?

I’m a little worried!

You position with one weapon. Switching weapons during the exchange cedes advantage to your opponent (BWG 458). So, if you Engage with the tail, then script a Strike with your claws, you immediately cede the advantage to your opponent. You can get it back by succeeding in the Positioning test.

Right, but that seems a little strange to me. It would essentially mean that any large baddies who are designed to take on multiple foes would constantly be ceding advantage to their opponents in order to use all the natural weapons at their disposal.

I mean, my idea is that I’d love the scare the piss out of my PC’s by having her rend one in the face, whip another with her tale, then crush some poor knight in her jaws… all in one volley.

P.S. Also, I only roll once for Engagement / Positioning, right? Using that as the base against all enemies?

If you start with the claws, and then script Push with your tail, a good enough push will give you the advantage again.

Also, you only roll once, and compare that to everyone else trying to engage with or position against you.

So give her a trait that lets her switch weapons without ceding advantage. Or make it more restrictive- if she switches weapons against one character she cedes advantage but is free to use different weapons against different targets.

Thanks guys. This sounds like a good idea, but it seems like it’s gonna be hell to script. Hm. I’ll have to think on it.

The real benefit of having all those weapons of different lengths is that if you lose the advantage, you can switch to a weapon that offers less disadvantage, or even one that offers no disadvantage if it’s the same length as the weapon your opponent is using.

Thats a very good point, Thor. I suppose it would make sense for her to keep the knights at bay with her tail, then bite them if they get too close, and finally just claw their faces off once they’re in her grill.