Disarm question

If a mouse was disarmed, and weapon was chosen for the disarm. Can that mouse still attack if they have no other weapons to draw?

I said yes, they bite, kick, punch, etc.

Just want some clarification to make sure I am playing this right.

Weapons only provide bonuses for the attack, they are not the core of the attack.

Which is absolutely brilliant btw.

Makes sense, though as with all things MG, it seems I’m a little slow to wrap my head around it. Maybe being older means slower, eh? :slight_smile:

It’s not necessarily a literal disarm. It’s about removing the advantage the weapon provides the wielder in the conflict, rather than the weapon itself.

So, um, how would you describe this during play? “You lose hold of your weapon” is a literal disarm…

The weapon is snapped; the weapon is dropped; you have the fight beaten out of you; he gets in too close for you to use the spear; the weapon feels clumsy and useless in your hands now; he’s changed his tactics and your actions are ineffectual; etc.

Thanks Luke! I guess instead of an actual “disarm,” I can show the weapon becoming useless, broken, bent, etc., and the player then drops the weapon both losing the weapon and the advantage of the weapon.

The only mechanical thing that happens is that weapon or traits advantage is lost. The fiction is up to you. The fiction stands when the conflict is done, though.