Disaster Movie Twists for Missions

Luke, hopefully its okay for me to ask a question now, as things look more or less complete with Buzz. Would the following disaster-movie sequence of events be essentially valid?

Oncoming rains are expected to send a flood through a small town, and the patrol is assisting in constructing a makeshift water-break uphill from it with a Carpentry (probably) check. They fail Carpentry. I set a Twist that the “dam” is coming along to slow, and the clouds gathering sooner then expected, so it won’t be ready in time. They have to use Pathfinding to get to the town and signal an evacuation in time. They fail that as well. The flood strikes the town, and they have to rescue what citizens they can, likely with with some checks to indicate swimming or social rolls to recruiting civilians to assist (maybe I’d do this stage as a conflict). Things continue to go along these lines (failure after failure do to a bad dice night, following them even into attempts to improve things in the players turn) until finally the survivors of the patrol end up limping back into Lockhaven to report a town and most of its inhabitants have been erased from the map…

At each stage more fragments of the original goals slipped away (save the buildings and civilians, reduced to save the civilians, reduced to save some of the civilians, reduced to just getting out alive) and success in the twist couldn’t undo the damage from the previous step, just resolve the new status of the situation?


To me, that sounds like a great example of what Aramis and Luke were talking about in terms of twists leading a patrol away from its original goal to the point where the original goal cannot be accomplished due to the results of the twists. (Great example, by the way!)

I’m happy to be corrected if that’s not the case, though.

Sounds fine.

I split this post, btw, so that other discussion can stand as an easy to read example.