Disposition for Monster Groups

Let’s say five kobolds are opposing the players in a conflict.

If it’s not one of the listed conflicts, like say it’s a Kill or Drive Off, conflict, the Kobolds roll Nature, and add successes to Nature, right?

So are they rolling 6D (2 Nature + 4 help) + 2 auto successes, or 6D plus 6 auto successes?

What if it is a listed conflict? A Convince conflict, for example, which has Disposition 2 listed. Since there’s five kobolds, so do I add +4 disposition, or roll 4D and add that to the Disposition, or am I just stuck with 2 disposition (which means only two of the Kobolds are actually participating in the conflict.)

In the first case you’d roll 6D and add 2 automatic successes.

In the second case (the listed conflict), their disposition would be 6 (2 +4 from helpers).

Thanks Thor!

That’s how I was running it, but wasn’t quite sure.

No problem! :slight_smile: