Double Actions and low Reflexes

I’m back with more confusion!

Some of the Fight choices require two actions to perform (Great Strike, Draw weapon, Physical action, Get up, Throw Weapon, etc…). What happens when a character only has Reflexes of 2 or 3, and thereby gets multiple actions in an exchange, but doesn’t get multiple actions in a volley? Can the character split the attempt across two volleys? or does their low reflexes mean they can never perform these multi-action choices?

In fact, if you have Reflexes 1 (most likely due to wounds) you can still perform these actions! It’s just not advisable. The actions don’t have to be in the same volley or the same exchange, just consecutive.

Yeah, but scripting actions across exchanges, not so strategic. :slight_smile:

I was of the impression that things like Draw Weapon / Avoid / Draw Weapon was kosher.

That’s a good point. I don’t see anything particularly specific in the rules about this, but by and large I feel that double actions must be consecutive. It doesn’t make any sense to wind up, dodge around a bit, kick a guy, and then unleash your Great Strike. Likewise, Physical Action mostly represents doing a thing and if it were a thing that fell easily into two parts, it should probably be two Physical Actions. A script like “Turn doorknob / Avoid / Push door open” is obviously pretty silly.

However, Draw Weapon has that little exception about being able to ready a weapon to reduce it to one action. If it’s practical to do that, I’d let you split it. So, like, if you have a free hand to steady your scabbard with, you can do that as action 1, then dodge around, then draw as action 2. Strictly by the rules, “readying” is a pre-fight option, but I think it makes sense to extend the privilege.

There is precedent for splitting up the two actions required to Get Up (p. 455). Really, I think it depends on the situation.