DoW: Dismiss vs. Obfuscate

Andy Dismisses against Bartle’s Obfuscate.

  1. Does Andy get the +2D from Dismiss in the versus test? (I think so.)

  2. If Andy loses the versus test, he’s supposed to lose his current due to Obfuscate. Does Andy also miss his next action as a consequence of Dismiss, or is that an effect of Dismiss that does not apply (because the Obfuscate caused him not to fully resolve the Dismiss)?

  1. Yes, he gets the +2

  2. I’ve seen it interpreted both ways. Personally, my feeling is that you scripted a Dismiss and failed to win the conflict, ergo you Hesitate for the next action.

  1. Yes. “Scripting a Dismiss adds +2D to the character’s skill.” Page 395.

  2. I would penalize him for the failed Dismiss since, “If a character fails to win the duel via his Dismiss action, he must hesitate for the next volley.” Page 395. He definitely started the Dismiss action, since Obfuscate “is spoken while your opponent is speaking.” Page 396.

Spiffy, thanks!