Driven (C-O) Question

As Driven is attached to one of your characters Beliefs, can it be switched to a different belief when the original one has been satisfied?
(When the character has found a new cause or passion that drives them)

My ruling would be: attach it to a “Moral Stance, Therefore Action” belief and keep it as long as Moral Stance is still true for your character. If you change it (hopefully getting Moldbreaker), the trait’s not useful as a call-on unless a trait vote makes it so for a new belief.

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Sounds about right, thanks!

The character will always be Driven. But as Beliefs change that passion and determination are focused from one to the next.

If a Belief was completed, I’d allow Driven to be applied to its replacement.

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We have always ruled it that it is like a normal belief in that it can be changed or modified but obviously the belief has to be what drives you.