Dropping actions with Instinct


So I have made a character who is a Pirate Hunter. He has the skill Two-Fisted Weapon Training. He is carrying a dagger, a sword and a pistol… Maybe went a bit overboard on how many weapons he is carrying, but I like to be well armed when hunting pirates.

The thing is, I wondered if I could write an Instinct like this: “When pistol is fired, drop pistol and draw dagger in off-hand” or something similar.

What I was hoping was that my character then did this without using any action points on it, since pistol is so short range and dropping the pistol and drawing the dagger is like 3 actions or something.
Instincts are a way to circumvent the rules somewhat right?

Instincts fire before the actions begins. So he could get that shot off before the fight and then spend his first two actions to draw the dagger.

Ok, so if I fire the pistol, and the other character closes to fight (assuming he’s able after a bullet to the chest,) I will automatically use the first 2 actions to draw the dagger since the instinct will trigger it?

I would assume that the instinct is to fire the pistol and drop it. Pulling your dagger for the first two actions would then be your option.


Thanks for replies. I was hoping I could kind of cheat away the actions for drawing the dagger with some clever instinct writing. Guess I’ll just have to play the character smarter then :slight_smile:

Oh you can totally cheat away the draw actions: “Always start combat with my dagger in hand.”

What you can’t do is pop the guy in the chest and have your dagger in hand.

Instinct: “When attacked, summon my army, brew some tea, intimidate the opposition and, if that doesn’t work, polish my firearm, load it, shoot the guy a few times and then lavishly brandish my dagger before murdering the guy and his entire family.”

on the bright side, always having to spend your first two actions, should get earn you tons of artha for getting in trouble because of your instinct.

After I read this I looked like your profile pic ^^

If you have a hand on the hilt, doesn’t it only take one action, so the instinct “Keep my hand on my hilt when nervous, or in unfamiliar territory” might be a help.

Dammit, Paul. Now I have to completely scrap this whole character. That was my entire concept right there!

Not in my game. There’s nothing making you spend those actions. The free actions you got were used for firing the gun in the first place.

You could write it like “Shoot first, ask questions later” which will have broader application, and more likely to get you in trouble when you shoot the important NPC in the face.