Drow Priestess

Drow Priestess
She will mess you up with magic.[b]

Might[/b]: 3, Nature: 7
Descriptors: Scheming, Commanding, Dark Rituals

Conflict Dispositions
Kill 14 (Cause Wounds +2s Attack, Levitate +2D Feint, Web +2s Defend)
Capture 10 (Sleep +2s Attack, Darkness +2s Maneuver, Web +2D Feint)
Drive Off 7 (Darkness +2s Attack, Cause Wounds +2s Maneuver, Web +2s Feint)
Battle 4 (Ruthless +2D Attack, Expendable Slaves +2D Feint)

Armor: Chain

Instinct: Divide them and send them screaming into the darkness.

Special: Drow magic has the same range as a Bow.

I think with those weapons her Dispos should be much higher. Check page 150.

It’s interesting that you didn’t include flee or pursue. If PCs encountered her as a twist, does that mean they couldn’t leg it?

Would you let her use actual prayers? I’d consider giving her a couple, like the Lords of Light and Darkness one, for example. Maybe something spider-related.

All her spells are significantly more powerful than a barrow-wight’s sword. Is that intentional?