Durin's Bane

I cannot say if they will ever head into Moria, knowing what lies within, but I had to try my hand at this one.

The Balrog
Might: 7
Nature (Maiar): 15
Nature Descriptors: Immolating, Scourging, Mocking
Dispositions: Kill 30, Capture 22, Riddle/Trick 15, Flee 11, Banish/Abjure 15.

-Kill: Fiery Whip (See below), Red Sword (See below), Rending Claws (+2D attack), Fiery Form (+1s defend)
-Drive off: Fiery Whip (See below), Wing-like Umbra (+2D maneuver), Pervasive Heat (+1s feint)
-Trick/Riddle: Logic of the Underworld (+1s feint, +1D defend), Awful Countenance (+2D maneuver)
-Flee/Pursue: Stoneshaking Stature (+1D attack, +1D Maneuver), Pervasive Heat (+1s feint)
-Banish/Abjure: Supernatural Dominion (+1D attack, +1s defend, -1D feint)

Instinct: Sunder those who tread in my abode.

*The tremors of having encountered this wicked foe remain with adventurers for some time. For the remainder of this phase, the Grind occurs now every 3 turns instead of every 4. If it is Winter, ignore this effect.

*The menacing visage of The Balrog is frightening to behold. The Balrog can possess the mind by simply locking gaze with an adventurer. Make a versus test of The Balrog’s Nature vs. Will of the victim. Failure means the victim is under the will of The Balrog for number of turns equal to the margin of failure. The Balrog my attempt this once per adventurer per phase and may only control an adventurer while maintaining eye-contact. Wise adventurers will avert their eyes and avoid this effect.

*The pools of eternity course through The Balrog. Their unravelling is something to behold. If The Balrog is vanquished, award each adventurer involved in that struggle with an additional persona point at the end of the session.

*If struck with the fiery whip or red sword, adventures feel the sting of burns at the end of the fight. Apply an appropriate condition.

Fiery Whip
A flaming whip of sorcerous wire. +2s feint, -1D attack
*In addition to bonuses, the Fiery Whip makes feint vs. feint and maneuver vs. feint a versus test against melee weaponry.
*Fiery Whip provides an additional +1D to all actions in a drive-off conflict.

Red Sword
A fiery sword forged in ages past. +1D to chosen action for duration of conflict
*Roll 1D3 on a successful hit with the Red Sword. Add this result to the damage to the opponent’s disposition.

*The Balrog, by law of the Valar, cannot exist beneath the sky since Feonwe uprooted Thangorodrim. The Balrog is a paradox and a unique abomination for this reason. This secret knowledge may be used as a weapon against him.
*If The Balrog is fully submerged in water or drawn out into the cold winds of winter, he is doused and therefore his fury is greatly diminished. Reduce his Might by 1. He also loses access to the weapons Fiery Form and Pervasive Heat and the burning effect of his weapons.


Two notes: I think Kill should be 30 points, since it’s usually double Nature. And Arrogant should really be translated into some sort of action. I know Mouse Guard is lax about Nature descriptors, but we found that active verbs are the best descriptors.

Condescending? Reproaching? Admonishing? Rebuking?

30 for Kill for sure. I like Condescending. Most other descriptors I’ve been thinking of overlap with Scourging too much. Things like Terrifying. Then there are other things they could be or do, like Enslaving or Commanding. Prideful beings tend to be braggarts. How about Vaunting? I’ll have to think on it…

Fly, you fools! RUN!

Flee conflict.
Result: Loss.
Compromise: One of you must remain behind to fight the creature while the rest run to safety.

“The shadow and smoke coalesce into a whip of many tails. The lash wraps around your legs and pulls you into the darkness below…”

I think I’ve got it now. Nature Descriptors: Immolating, Scourging, Mocking.