Dwarven Greed and Power

So i am new to the game, been reading the book for a month and have had one play session, and I have a question pertaining to dwarven greed.

A player decided on “power” as the idiom for his greed, but im having a little trouble getting the various flavors that could arise as. I had thought that if the dwarf saw a Superior Quality weapon that might trip off his greed as the play group only has “run of the mill” weapons. But outside of that I am kinda having trouble finding inspiration for other “power” items that I could use to make his life interesting.

Does anyone have any advice on different ways to approach this greed idiom so that I can help create a better story for the group? As I am new to the system I am still trying to better situate myself in the correct mindframe and for some reason im just bumping my head against a wall. The other idioms are easy enough, but “power” seems elusive to me.


He’s greedy for temporal power. A kingdom. A title. An influential person. He wants respect and the chance to rule.

Remember, a Dwarf player must choose three of the four Greed idioms. So Power is only one of the three.

But as for Power, here’s four ways to provoke his greed:
Give his friends promotions over him.
Give power to his spouse but not to him.
Anoint his child as an heir, but not him.
Dangle powerful artifacts in front of him.

Aww…thanks! I got it in my head that greed had to be focused on material items. Thanks for the insight,

Power is vague because it’s broad. It can be personal strength, or rule over others, or the kind of unofficial standing that leads others to give extra weight to what you say. Power is a flexible word, and desire for it is a very flexible idiom for greed.

The easiest way to poke at Greed for power is to dangle offerings of high position, command, or status in front of the PC. And as Luke says, you can also hammer at it by giving those choice offerings to someone else to fuel the black envy in that poor Dwarf’s heart.