dying slowly

when is the last winter 1152 comic comin out??? im dying to read it… dying slowly, that is. ive seen the cover eith the mice riding hares, but when can i actually READ it!!!

Wrong forum dude, we just do the RPG. Unless the author pops his head in, which he does every now and then.


Perhaps this was just general lamenting. I’m eager for the Winter storyline to wrap up, too.

True that. I’m always happy when new Mouse Guard hits the shelves.

ya, i know its the wrong forum, but lockhaven said anything that isnt covered in the other topics, so technacillay this IS the right place

Ha, good point! I retract my previous statement.

yay! i actually did something right!!!

It’s out! Enjoy!

When is the hardback out?!

Late this month/early next month