Easter Eggs (amusing references and the like)

So, I went about a far more thorough reading of BWG, and I noted a couple very amusing Traits in the W section: “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way” (one of the most horrifying and amusing moments of that Rankin-Bass cartoon) and “Wolverine” (gosh, the guy really is everywhere!)…anyone else find similar little things tucked here and there in the rules? (Of course, I’m also presuming that yes, these were intentional…)

[Further explanations: “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way” is the title of a little musical number in the Rankin-Bass cartoon The Return of the King, which took its title from Tolkien’s line “Where there’s a whip, there’s a will!”, referring of course to the Orcs of Mordor. Wolverine is a comic-book character who possesses an accelerated healing ability, and who also has a propensity to appear in comic books even when he doesn’t belong there. Appropriately, the trait itself helps a character recover from wounds.]

the ‘Leper’-LP has the traits “Unbeliever” and “White-Gold Wielder” which are part of the prophecies concerning the leperous main character in the Thomas Covenant-trilogy.

[spoiler]He refuses to acknowledge the alt. universe as real and his wedding ring given by his ex-wife is made of white gold. White gold does not exist in the alt.universe and gives the wielder “magical” powers (if he’d believe it).[/spoiler]

I always thought the ‘Stider’-LP was an homàge to Robin Hood, with the requirement “Born Noble”, but a friend whom I introduced to BW immidiately thought it was an Homage to Aragorn (of LotR).

In the Magic Burner there’s allusions to the Black Cauldron of Taran, in the “assistent pig-keeper”.

Well, Aragorn is kind of an homage to Robin Hood :slight_smile:

There’s at least one D&D reference in spell names in each of BW, BWR, and BWG. Fibre Ball and Magic Whistle being the two that I’m remembering off the top of my head.

Quite so. And the noble birth is an aspect of both characters. I would lean Aragorn in this case, because “Strider” was a name for Aragorn in the books, and not for Robin.

There are Pinky and Brain lifepaths for Roden.

The Emperors Hand spell is clearly a Star Wars reference.

Raise Bread! :slight_smile:

You are my hero.

I always thought Emperor’s Hand and Chocking Hand where references to SW.

Stay cool :cool:

A buddy of mine was so very unhappy that Raise Bread didn’t make it into BWG. If it hadn’t been for the fact that clothes and shoes remained an rp sink, I think he might not have bought it.

Fiber Ball was Classic, Raise Bread was Revised and Magic Whistle is Gold. I guess we lost the cereal theme we had going.

Nah, see, the magic whistle is what you get at the bottom of the cereal. So, assuming there will never be a BW titanium or something, it makes sense!

Rattiquette is a Fafrd and the Grey Mouser reference, no?

The Ratcatcher and Gravedigger LPs. Don’t tell anyone, but the Ratcatcher gets a free stick with d6+2 dead rats on it.

and a small but viscious dog

You have to buy that with RPs, actually. But yes.

Can’t believe I forgot the elven skill-song The Riddle of Steel, which references Jake Norwood’s out of print – but excellent – RPG.

More like they both reference Conan.

Besides the pop culture references, there’s also a ton of inside jokes.

Tee hee!

Not sure, but is that from the Willard LP?