Educational RPG...

Luke & whomever -

My local retailer was finally able to order a copy of BE!

Luke you really did a good job on the book! It is put together in such a way as to be irresistible.

Initial perceptions: I’m impressed with the manner in which you convey the game/setting of Iron Empires. I’m impressed to the extent that I found your method of delivering the content to be suitable for the role-playing experience I want to provide some of my middle school students. I’m particularly intrigued with the possibilities in the World Burner section. I’ve been involved in many different RPG systems all of which have provided some form of setting kick-start, but none of them have been like Burning Empires. As you intended, the World Burning process is a place for players to develop personal involvement in the RPG and bonds to one another. This is a near perfect start to an RPG for students! I hope to start a student campaign of BE right after Thanksgiving. Your creation lends itself to variety of both academic and social learning opportunities. I’m really looking forward to the experience!!

Luke, if you have any comments about my use of your BE system in an educational setting (suggestions, warnings, etc.) please share them.

Side note: I wish I would have known about the free PDF copy of BE at Key 20 prior to buying at my local game shop. I would have purchased there! I want to use the PDF version to run through my multi-media projector for the students.

If I get this student RPG off the ground, then I will make attempts to report progress here on the forum.

Congratulations again on a fine publication, eh!