End of Phase Cheat Sheet

As promised many weeks ago, here’s my end-of-phase cheat sheet draft. I scoured the PDF for any and every reference to “phase” and I believe this is all of it. Let me know if I missed something!

End of Phase Cheat Sheet

Phase Epilogue and Deeds

Phase winner describes how their side’s Phase Objective plays out in the storyline. Loser is granted a compromise. Winning side wins 1 Deeds point per character.


The Phase winner may declare any reasonable amount of downtime between Phases; Phase loser gets half of this. Downtime can also be negotiated into the compromise at the end of the Phase.

Earn New Reputations

Players and GM may nominate characters for new reputations. Players nominate the character based on how they think he was played—how the controlling player’s roleplaying came across at the table. Die pool for reputation depends on what spawned it. Requires unanimous vote.

Advance Reputations

Existing reputations may be enhanced by a player’s performance in game. Nominate existing reputations for increase (max +1D). Requires unanimous vote.

Reassess Traits

A) GM and players may nominate characters to receive new traits (character, die or call-on). Requires unanimous vote.
B) GM or owning player may nominate a single trait be lost. Requires unanimous vote, or majority vote if the owning player nominated the trait to be lost.
C) Persona used in conjunction with a Belief or Instinct qualifies it for a minor trait vote (3 points or less, die or call-on).
D) Deeds used in conjunction with a Belief or Instinct qualifies it for a major trait vote (4 points or more, die or call-on).

Carry Over Disposition

The Phase winner may carry ½ of its remaining disposition (round up) to the next Phase. Decide whether to steamroller through the next Phase or play through it.

Select Phase Objective

Pick a new Phase Objective for the next Phase.

Create New Characters

Any player who wishes to create a new character is allowed to do so at this time.