End of Session with multiple GM/Player turns

If we’re playing a session of Mouse Guard that ends up being four turns altogether, GM/Players/GM/Players, do we always go through an End of Session step after each Players’ Turn or after we’re done playing?

It makes sense to me that if the patrol accomplishes their mission, then they should change their goals about the old mission. After the Players’ Turn is the right time to do that. Should we also dish out Fate and Persona awards then, too, and then proceed back into a GM Turn? Or should it truly be End of Session?

I’m inclined to always have it after the Players’ Turn…

If Turns are happening too quickly, then that would be a different problem. My question is mostly theoretical, although I’m starting my weekly group on Mouse Guard soon.

Think of it this way: A “Session” is a briefing, a GM turn, a player turn, and an end phase; if needed, also a winter phase.

You’re running two “sessions” per meeting.

Unless I’m introducing people to the game, I’ve played it as a session is a session, and rewards are given out once. Would you have a prologue in the middle of the first Players’ Turn and the second GM’s Turn, to recap what had happened during the past couple hours?

I didn’t do a recap. Otherwise, yes. We usually took a half hour for dinner at that point, so a recap was often done anyway.

And I had asked luke the Same Question and got the same answer…

Hi Aramis,

I’m just saying how I run it. For me, a session is a session, regardless of how many GM’s Turns and Players’ Turns it contains.