Enemies get +3s....

“Enemies get +3s to their disposition in arguments and speeches made against you.” p 240

Well, if Feifel over there is my enemy, and he starts an argument with me he adds 3s to his disposition. Shouldn’t I also get to add 3s to my disposition? If he is my enemy, I must be his enemy too.

This would basically serve to draw out any speeches or arguments with enemies.


I know that I am splitting hairs here, but a party might consider you to be their enemy and you might not even know that they exist. Or they might consider you to be so far beneath their notice that they do not have you as a relationship. The king for example.

I believe you have to have a relationship with someone to be their enemy. Not too sure about this bit though.

I see what you are saying, but I am talking about honest to goodness Enemies as in ones you keep track of on your character sheet or incur during play.

Edit - the book says something like, an enemy will try to do whatever possible to hinder the PC. Something like that.

Very funny. You suffer the penalty. Your enemy does not. Why? Because it’s adversity which makes you a hero.

Unfortunately, the NPC didn’t put you down as enemy on their charcter sheet.

Thank you for answering personally. It is really nice to have the chance to pick the creator’s brain.

I was expecting that would be your response. What would you do if two patrol mate PCs became enemies and got into an argument? I assume neither gets the bonus.

Interesting and perplexing. Would you describe more of your thoughts on why this came to mind? Was it just a musing, or has this come up in-game?

I had a group in which one Guardmouse was certainly upset about decisions made by the Patrol Leader. Ultimately, the conflict which the Ptl Ldr ordered the group to join led to two lost mice, lost gear, and seemed a waste. The conflict was to reach a settlement to warn of flash floods, but after getting the mice of the settlement to safety, the flash flood did not occur.

I didn’t notice at that time, the conflict between Ptl Ldr and Guardmouse could have been more fun to resolve than the rush through a thunderstorm.

Why didn’t the flash flood occur? If I setup a conflict about getting mice to safety before the flash flood occurs, that flash flood is a commin’.

@Doc, You’re right. PCs don’t get the bonus.

I am going to take a stab at it here.

You are trying to convince your enemy of the truth of some matter or trying to get them to do something for you. In the same way that aggressors and defenders in a test are identified in order to break ties. If they are both enemy players, whoever is the “defender” among the players gets the +3s to assist them in their intransigence. They break the ties in their favour - they get +3s.

Whoever wants to change the world, the hero, faces a hard road.

There’s really only two ways to get an enemy. You get an enemy or rival during character creation. And you can add one from a failed Circles test. I don’t see how it can apply to PCs, since “The GM controls enemy characters for the players (page 27).”

Hi Doc Frye,
Welcome to the forums. To answer your question: Enemies are NPCs, not player characters. So the situation you propose would be highly unusual.

Okay. Makes sense. I must have misunderstood p. 241, “And, similarly, if you wrong one of your friends, the GM may have you move him from the Friend section to the Enemy section. If you feel betrayed by one of your friends,” (I read that this could be a possible PC,) “you may move him from the Friend list to the Enemy list yourself.”

Hi David. Friends are also NPCs with mechanical weight like Enemies. They’ll put you up and feed you!