Enhancing your camp

Thor’s player advice post says the following regarding camps:

“If possible, establish a base camp with amenities (shelter, water, concealment) and get it on your map. Then you have a relatively safe place to which you can return, and the ready access to water means you can feel more confident extending the turn count a bit during the adventure phase. You don’t have to gun for all the camp amenities in one test either. You can add them over time.”

Can I just double-check the procedure and obstacles for this sort of thing?

  1. Set up a base camp: Making camp (typical environment) with shelter for whole Adventuring party = Ob 3
  2. Cartographer to record location of base camp, so you can return to it easily
  3. Return to camp, decide to add concealment to camp. Is this Ob 1 (factor for concealment)? Ob 2 (concealment + whole party)? Ob3 (make camp, whole party, concealment)? Ob 4 (make camp, shelter, whole party plus concealment)?

Speaking only for my group, it seems like you are doing it the same way we do.

I would use Ob 2, concealment for an adventuring party, but evil GM factors could certainly apply depending on context and the history of the site (concealing a site that had previously been spotted, for instance).

Wait, you have to test to make camp?

If you just throw yourself down wherever you are, then no. But if you want a camp that has access to potable water, that’s sheltered or concealed, you need to roll. Check the Survivalist factors.

Doing so successfully also gives you +1 to the Camp Events roll. See Camp Roll Bonuses​ on page 82.