Environmental Hazards and Injury

Hello everyone. Three sessions in and my campaign is going swimmingly, but I ran into something last session that I didn’t know how to resolve. One character has no home and was trying to find somewhere safe to sleep, but they failed to do so. The consequence for this was going to be a nasty, cold night that ought to have done some sort of injury via hypothermia or pneumonia, but I didn’t know how to play that out.

My guess is it would have involved a Health (or Forte?) test, and a failure would mean a certain coordinate on the PTGS. But how would I decide the Ob for that test, and how would I determine the coordinate? What if instead of a particularly cold night it was (for example) characters stuck in a desert without water?

For this kind of thing, I tend to like to set an Ob based roughly on how terrible the circumstances are. somewhere between 3-6, and use Margin of Failure to determine the coordinate on the PTGS. Maybe a base B4 Wound, +1 per MoF. In this case, it’d probably be a Forte Test (I don’t know how awful the cold is here).

I don’t know that I would use the Injury rules specifically here. For pneumonia, I might Tax Forte or impose penalties until a Health Test is passed (called for daily or every few days).

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