Errata? - Conflict Ability and Skills Used by Action

In reviewing the Conflict Ability and Skills by Action table (page 70), I was noticing that in most cases the Attack and Feint are the same skill and the Defend and Maneuver are the same skill. This is further reinforced by the Other row, which indicates that Feint’s skill is “As Attack” and Maneuver’s skill is “As Defend”. However, in the case of Capture, Convince, and Convince Crowd the pattern is not followed. Are these correct?

I’m trying to get my head around how defending in a Capture conflict would be Hunter instead of Fighter. Likewise, I’m wondering about both Convince conflicts.

For the convince ones, Feinting and Maneuvering sound pretty manipulative, whereas Attack and Defend sound like a straight forward give and take argument. So that definitely makes sense.

As for capture… not sure. Maybe the thought is that Attacking is trying to beat or hold someone down, while defending is about not getting cornered and Feint is about out thinking your enemy’s evasive actions? Kinda makes sense… but it does give me more a sense of a capture conflict out in the wilds with a little bit of flee/pursue sprinkled in, rather than trying to wrestle someone to the ground in a single room of a dungeon…

Keep in mind you can always make up a custom conflict type if you feel the circumstances don’t quite match the skills listed

They’re correct.

Think of it this way: If you’ve initiated a Capture conflict, your quarry is probably not trying to capture you. It’s trying to escape you or make you go away. That means that its Attack action could consist of making a run for it, or maybe turning on you and trying to damage you so you back off. As a Hunter, you understand the ways of prey. You understand fight-or-flight. You can anticipate their response and counter it.