Errata for Revised

(SeaJay) #1

Has an errata list been compiled for BWG Revised? I realise it hasn’t been out for long but I’m considering buying it and I have a bit of a bugbear about errata.

Thanks all.

(Mark Watson) #2

Hi @Ranger.

I’m not aware of any errata for the latest printing of BWG (Revised).

BWHQ work very hard to put out a quality product and, up until this latest revision, any changes have been exceptionally minor (more typographical than anything).

From my previous experience of BW / BWG, the more noticeable “big” changes have been between version (Burning Wheel Revised to Burning Wheel Gold, for instance).

In post 2 of this thread, there’s a link to @Alfred’s extensive side-by-side comparison of BWG to the new 2019 BWGR (7th printing).

Whilst I’m going to be using BWGR going forwards, I don’t think there’s anything that would particularly break too badly if I went back to my 1st/2nd/5th printings of BWG and used those.

(SeaJay) #3

Thanks Mark

(Mark Watson) #4

I’ve spotted one possible addition , here, in that you could choose to add Dance as a possible skill for the Young Lady lifepath.

To my knowledge, it’s never had that skill before (and I’m going back to Revised), but if it fits your setting, fill your boots!

(SeaJay) #5

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you are going -back- to Revised. Isn’t Revised the latest offering?

Whilst I’m here, is there a good Youtube video teaching how to play BW? I’m currently watching “The Sword” and I’m also watching Adam Koebel’s offering. Was just wondering if there’s anything that’s a ‘much watch’ vid out there.

(eggdropsoap) #6

There’s also the error that Etching is listed as a FoRK for itself, though I don’t know if there’s an erratum saying what it should be. Engraving is a candidate I’ve seen suggested.

There have been four editions: the original (printed in 2002), now dubbed Classic; Revised (2005); Gold (2011); and now Gold Revised (2019). When you say “Revised” above you’re referring to Burning Wheel Gold Revised, but when most of the community says “Revised”, Burning Wheel Revised (2005) is the edition meant. “BWGR” is a common abbreviation when people don’t want to type out “Gold Revised”. :slight_smile:

(William) #7

Honestly I’ve just started referring to them with traditional edition numbers. BWGR is just BW 4th edition, to me.