Fight Questions (Armor & Ob Penalty)

Hello all,

Just played through the Fight! rules (by myself to try to get a feel for the game). Couple of questions:

  1. When making armor checks, does the obstacle penalty (from wounds) apply to this once you’re injured?

  2. I assume that in Ob penalties stack with advantage. For instance, you’ve got one fully healthy combatant (A) vs one combatant with a superficial wound (B). These two are in between volleys and B (who had lost the initial positioning test) would like to try to gain the advantage. I assume A adds his positioning bonus to his vs. Spd test , while B effectively looses a die due to the wound.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Casey

  1. Armor doesn’t feel pain and has its own damage rules, therefore it doesn’t suffer from wound penalties.

  2. Correct. But note that a Sup wound is +1 Ob, which is different than -1D.

Thanks Luke! The Sup +1 Ob is mostly differentiated in that it doesn’t count towards being taken out of the fight? In other words, it’s not like taking that Traumatic wound and being incapacitated. Or does the +1 Ob function in a way I’m still missing?

+1 Ob does not reduce any stats, skills or attributes. All other wounds reduce stats, skills and attributes. Thus they make you slower and more prone to incapacitation.

Right, so +1 Ob wouldn’t penalize you in a “vs Spd” test? Sorry if I’m being dense.

No, in a versus test the +1 Ob does penalize you, in that you lose one success. So if, on the dice, you and your opponent each had 3 successes, you would lose one of them and he would win.


To expand on what Matt said. It doesn’t penalize you in the sense that you have fewer dice to throw or that you’re closer to being taken out of the fight due to having a stat zeroed out. It does penalize you in the sense that all tests are more difficult (including positioning, block vs. strike, and other vs. tests).

That was my original thought. Thx all!

Additionally, a supie doesn’t provoke a Steel test.