Fight: Using Lock, is this correct?

In order to get to my question, I need to frame the situation.

A zombie shambles towards two dwarves. FIGHT!

I’ve got this big beefy dwarf named Durke with a B5 Power. He’s using his action to lock the Zombie. The Zombie scripted a strike on Durke’s buddy, Boendil.

According to the new rules, Lock is only a verses tests in certain situations. In this case, Lock against Strike, it’s a standard test, the Ob. is half the Zombie’s power of b5, so ob 2. (I’m assuming that I round down)

Durke flexes and gets three successes. Two successes gets him 1D, and anything past that gives him another +1D, so he now have a 2D lock on the Zombie!

Now. In the next round of combat, the zombie scripts an avoid, as a way to escape the Lock.

Here’s the Question: How much dice does the zombie have to escape the lock? Does he get his full 5 dice due to his B5 power, or is is reduced to 3 dice, because of the lock on the zombie? Things were a little different in the Revised system, so I wanted to check what happens.

Now, here’s another question. I manage to get a 5D lock on the Zombie, effectively reducing it’s power dice to zero. Did we just win the combat?

This is my first chance to play with the new Gold System, and I appreciate any assistance as I shake out the old rules and bring in the new rules.

I THINK zombies have a trait about getting incapacitated but that could be wrong… AFB right now.

Right, Dead to Pain. They don’t stop until their Power Dice is reduced to zero.

In Revised, you could always resist with your full ability. This is no longer true in Gold - locks are harder to initiate, now, but much harder to get out of. The zombie would resist with its remaining 3D Power - 5D minus the 2D lock.

Yes. You’ve got its arms pinned behind its back, and its face pressed into the dirt. It is helpless.

I thought you rounded up when factoring the Ob for tests based on half an opponent’s stat.