Fightin' & Feudin'

Engineering + Hillbilly feuds =P

Mission Start:

*The village of Wyrmwood is small and nestled in a dell even farther out than Wolfpointe. It’ll be a challenge to get to Wyrmwood. The Guard have been called out because one of Wyrmwood’s two bridges has recently collapsed and the other one is currently closed.

Navigate to Wyrmwood: (2x) Pathfinder / Scout - Obstacle 4, Failures = Weather Condition / Animal Conflict.

*The Patrol wearily stumbles into town and plunks down at the local tavern. Over drinks and dinner, you hear that there is a long running feud between two families in the town. The first family is lead by Edgar and the other is run by Edgar’s brother, Saggory. Connected to their properties is the town’s only other bridge. And either side refuses to let mice through unless they pay a toll, however, having to pay twice is more than most mice can easily afford.

Rebuild the Bridge:

  • Design the Bridge: Scientist / Carpenter / Mason - Obstacle 3: Failures = +1D to Bridge Disposition / Weather / Angry.

  • Gather Materials: Carpenter / Mason (Resources can be tested after failing Carpenter / Mason) - Obstacle 4: Failures = Angry / -1 to Resources.

*Weather Condition occurs

  • Begin Construction: Carpenter / Mason / Administrator - Obstacle 4: Failures = Tired / +1D to Bridge Disposition / Weather

  • Test the Bridge: Conflict (Carpenter / Mason / Scientist vs. Bridge):

Bridge Nature 5
(Add dice to Disposition for Failed Tests, see above)

Comprise can range from an unsteady bridge that will soon collapse to the bridge fully collapsing. The Patrol can decide if they want to try and fix it, leave it and move on, or if it collapse to seek an alternative.

Family Feud:

Edgar and Saggory’s father, Alber, had a lucky betting coin that when he passed, he had struck in twain. Each son received a half and ever since, they’ve been feuding and trying to get the other side to give up their half of the coin.

*Visit Edgar: When the Patrol approaches, Edgar is sitting on his porch smoking a pipe. He asks what the Patrol wants. Edgar doesn’t care at all about the bridge being down and says that since the bridge is connected to his property then he can charge as much as he wants and can deny passage to anyone he doesn’t like.

  • Steal the Coin: When the Patrol visit’s Saggory’s place, they learn that he is out in the wilderness. The Patrol must track him down and either convince him to give them the coin or to take it from him.

  • Scout / Pathfinder x3 - Obstacle 4: Failures = Angry / Hungry Thirsty / Tired

  • Wilderness Challanege x2

  • Saggory (Use Hermit Template)

*Visit Saggory: Saggory is out chopping wood and is suspicious of the Patrol. He tells them that Edgar is a liar, a cheat, and and was responsible, so he believes, for their father’s death. Saggory will only listen to the Patrol after they bring him Edgar, Saggory looks quite mean.

  • Grab Edgar: Edgar has learned that the Patrol is coming for him and has holed up in his house. Unfortunately, Edgar is a master Apiarist and will use his honey bees to defend his land.

  • Swarm of Bees (+4D to Disposition)

  • Edgar (Use Apiarist Template)

*Once the Patrol has the bridge opened or a new one built the mission is over. However, stealing from Saggory or turning Edgar over to his brother should make any law abiding mouse quite uneasy. Also, these two unpalatable options can force the players into coming up with a creative idea for reuniting the two brothers.

Mission End

Let me know what ya guys think =P

Shouldn’t the obstacles for the bridge be based on the factors for each individual skill?

Also, dictating failure as a twist that adds +1D dispo to the bridge is unnecessarily limiting. There are a range of possible twists. Also, the GM is within his rights to apply a condition rather than a twist.


Excellent point. I haven’t done a complex task, obstacle? yet and so I wasn’t sure how to rate it, I put in 3 as a baseline and thought I’d scale it up or down depending on what my players did. But I definitely get your point.

Your second point is true too. The idea I had was that if one of the Patrol mice wasn’t an engineer or scientist then there would be flaws in the design of the bridge and so later when the bridge is being tested the +1 dispo dice would show up as having made the bridge more unstable. I think the condition part would work equally well, making the Patrol Tired from all the work or having rains wash away part of the bridge. Maybe if I ask for a Mason test, a Carpenter test, and a Scientist test for the structure to be built, I can have a condition, a weather change, and a +1 to dispo all potentially show up while the bridge is being built. I think you’re spot on with it being limiting. I’ll add a note up top.