Find Folio

Mission: Find the Folio!

Tenderpaw Bernard is working in the Library when he finds evidence that a lost Folio of Anda the Great may be located in the catacombs and caves beneath Lockhaven. There’s some indication that the folio has evidence of the dates of the founding of Barkstone and Sprucetuck.

The Archivist, already in trouble for sloppy work, makes Bernard promise not to go down into the catacombs. Bernard’s enemy Arthur, overhears them and, (of camera), swears to find the folio before Bernard and destroy it!

Mission Obs:

Wilderness: Crumbling walls, pits, falling columns. (ob 3)

Mice: Archivist: Promise you won’t go down!

   Arthur: If there's a folio, it' s lies! I must find it and destroy it first!"--Arthur has Trait Cunning (1) and Skill Deceiver(3): He'll dog Bernard at every step, try to lay traps for him underground, and steal the Folio. He's also make a big stink about Bernard breaking his promise and trying to get him to look bad.


Weather: Sweeping stream! (Ob 3) an underground stream suddenly swells and blocks his path (great to put Arthur in the stream and have him potential swept away)

Animals: Rabid Bat guarding the Folio Nature (5)

That’s what I’ve got so far. Thoughts?

I thought you mistyped Fiend Folio.

I thought the obstacles were a bit low, but now I see it’s a one-player mission, is that right?

Looks good, but … are the catacombs natural caves, or mouse-dug? What would a bat be doing in there, guarding the tome? (Presumably there’s some way out so the bat can feed.)

Another twist would be the archivist, fearful of what will transpire when the tome comes to light, somehow blocks Bernard’s return from the catacombs. (Perhaps there’s a shaft and he cuts the rope, or - if Bernard’s gone long enough - he gets labourers to brick it up.)

One player, and he’s a scholar, not a fighter.

Actually realized I need some academic obs, since he’s built that way: skills in cartography, archives, and history-wise.

Catacombs: I’m guessing they are a mix of mouse and natural, and yes, there’s a way out.

Why bat? Wanted lots of bugs (a la Indiana Jones) but didn’t see any good insect prey in the back. Please suggest a good animal ob!

I really like the cut the shaft rope thing…nice! Want to keep the archivist his friend (it’s his Artisan Mentor)…so maybe have his enemy Arthur cut the rope!

Thanks for feedback.

How about one of those cave centipedes that eats bats? Those are fricking horrible - 12" long and poisonous, they hang down from the top and snatch bats out of the air.

Not exactly the right climate, but who knows what horrors lurk so deep in the ground? Perhaps the catacombs are somehow connected to the privies, and a nasty ecosystem has sprung up on mice droppings - bloated, white cave spiders, large centipedes, all strung out along moist tunnels created by visiting insectivorous moles.

It’s a whole new location! “The Heap.” (Kinda like that mound of skulls, but it’s mouse shit.)

Hurrrgh. shudders Nasty. Can you imagine one of those crawling up the back of the couch or chair that you’re sitting on right now?


That’s exactly the critter I was thinking of, thanks for the video!