[Fires Over Omac] Marius Arnot and the Scene Economy

I just realised something that I should have clued into earlier: As Anvil Lord Marius Arnot isn’t a Figure of Note in the Fires Over Omac module, he technically doesn’t get any scenes of his own, does he? The text suggests he can initiate an Interstitial with the PC Julius, but that’d mean he’d have to use an Interstitial from the Warden, the Kodiak or the Baron, wouldn’t it?

By extension, in a campaign of Burning Empires where there are four or more players against the GM, the players would gain an advantage because they’d have access to more Building scenes, wouldn’t they?

We had this situation in my last game: 4 players with 3x PCFoN versus 3x GMFoN. It didn’t really work out strongly in their favor, because I started with an assload more Artha than them.

Non-FoN PCs get all the same scenes and Artha and everything else. The only thing they don’t get to do is roll the Maneuver. That’s it. And there’s the implied lack of focus on the character because the GM is supposed to be nudging the story in the focus character’s direction.


Hi, Paul. Thanks for replying. Good point about the starting Artha and the Manoeuvre roll (I thought that a non-FON GMPC could roll, but a double-check of the Brick corected me there).