Fires Over Omac "war stories"

This is a general request for anyone who has gone through the “Fires Over Omac” demo (or run it, Messrs. Thor and Luke) to post (or point me to) a summary of how the scenario went, what happened, etc. I’m running it this weekend for a con, but won’t have a chance to playtest it. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experiences.

Thanks in advance. 8)

Where did you get it?

Ancient Chinese secret! :smiley:

Luke was nice enough to send me a copy so I could run it for Gameday. He said he’ll be posting it shortly.

I have it available on request for playtesting purposes. I’ll post it after I get some feedback.


As a matter of interest, how long is the expected play time and how many PCs?

Four hours, four PCs.