First or second age elves in Middle Earth

I am running a solo campaign of BWG in Middle Earth at the moment and I was wondering how to emulate elvish characters that are very powerful (mainly used as NPC). I mean elves lords from first or second age, like Elrond or Galadriel. Shall I try to do so with standard character burning, and giving them a ton of lifepaths (and in this case, how many ? shall I really make them 3000+ year old ?). Or shall I just make up some figures out of the fly ?

Thanks for your reply,

If you give them about 10 lifepaths, you will be well on your way to creating an elven monster.

Try it and see what you get.

That’s a lot of math to burn them up. Me? I’d just stat them up however my inner-fanboy desires.

Yeah, just stat them up. Use the last LP you would have used (e.g. Althing or whatever) for skill and trait suggestions. This is covered in the “Burning Rogues” section of the book.

I love burning up 10-12 LP Elves. You get a much better sense of who they are. When burning, don’t be afraid to take repeat lifepaths 3+ times. It gives them the necessary age.

Also white and grey shades.

Great stuff, I ll try to do a 10 or 12 LP NPC. I ll probably require it at some point in my solo campaign for Thranduil. Thanks a lot and happy holidays to you all !

Yes, math is hard. That is why we have computers…and wizards like Paul to program them. :o

Yeah when I did it, I used the link Dwight is showing. One thing to note that when I did it there was a bug in that skills which were compulsorily acquired did not open as white or grey as they should have. This is something that you can easily fix when you save the character on the other end.

I mentioned this to Paul, he may have fixed it. However I do not think that is would be a very high priority bug. You don’t burn up characters that often who start out with grey/white shaded attributes.