First post here

Hey guys, I just started playing Mouse Guard, and thought I’d just pop my head in here. This community has definitely been helpful in getting my paws off the ground, and I played my first game with my wife. Some details were a little whimpy during the game, and I only now understand the Player’s phase fully, but I think that overall it went well. I thought I’d just thank everyone who posts regularly on these boards, as I’ve learned quite a bit from what I’ve read. I also drew our mice using those blank template mice, and figured that you guys might enjoy it. On the left is Garret, the headstrong patrol leader and mentor of the sciency tenderpaw Ayleth (played by my wife). A freak blizzard at the end of fall made it tough on Ayleth’s exit from the town of Sprucetuck to head to Lockhaven to begin her life in the guard, as depicted here.

Thanks again for all the helpful information, and happy patrolling!

Welcome! Great pic!