First Time a Group Burns up Characters.

Good luck. Let us know how the first night goes and come back with any questions.

I apologize as well, and admit I probably just took it the wrong way. Internet convos are funny like that.

I’d like to suggest you don’t run it as an orc campaign. Just as an introductory one-shot, perhaps extended to two or three sessions if they really want to, and then move on to a real campaign with whatever concept you want and freshly-burned characters.

Been thinking about writing up an orc introductory scenario. Maybe I should do that one day…

Hi. I am a GM who is also newer to running the system.

I did run The Sword–just as a “here’s the mechanics” kind of thing. It’s just one interesting scene, not an adventure. Even if you decide not to use it, I recommend looking at it to consider what systems you may want to highlight in some way to learn the game. In my group, this sort of exposure to the rules with throwaway characters helped with the next step of making characters the players would be invested in for a while.

On books, I think your perception is right. I think it would be hard to make characters with only one book. It is hard to play the game with only one book, actually.

Going to echo that last statement. You really need everyone to have a copy or at least 1 copy for the gm and 1 for each 2 players.

This is a game with lots of looking stuff up. Not an unfun thing, as the parts you’re looking stuff up are really funny and clever, but yeah, you fiddle with the tome a lot.