This is what is known as a stupid question. How (or even when) do you beat people who script the following:



Flak-Flak-Flak…(or perhaps even assess-take action-take action) ?


Ah yes, the aggressor tactics.

Well, if one of your player is pulling that you have a lot of options! First, you know what they’re going to do. That’s a powerful edge in the system. Second, those are far from unbeatable.

vs Flank-Flank-Flank
SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. Use judicious amounts of Suppressive Fire and Direct Fire. Your Observe won’t hurt you at all either, but it’ll stop them cold.

vs Point-Point-Point
This is a fun one and a very valid tactic. Basically, it depends on what you want from the DoW. Do you want to go down in flames with them or do you want pwnage?

Down in flames is to give as you get: Point, Point, Dismiss for the win!

Pwnage is Rebut, Rebut, Rebut with 75% into defense. Hold them off and peck away at them. It’ll frustrate them enough to change up actions. Then you can just hit them with a Point or Dismiss.

vs Flak-Flak-Flak
The Flak strategy is a really bad one in the Infection. Really bad. An Assess, Pin, Gambit combo will put such a hurting on your opponent they’ll probably want to quit playing. Or maybe they’ll smarten up and try other things.


Take Action-Take Action-Take Action
A very valid strategy, but it’s one that almost ensures a compromise. The best strategy against this is to use Flak and Conserve to set yourself up for big attacks like Gambit or Inundate. If they’re going to hit, you should hit HARDER.

Hope that helps!

The DoW triple-point a good one-off tactic. It’s devastating, but only as long as your opponent isn’t prepared for it. Change it up, throw some other stuff in there, and then eventually come back for the point x 3 or what have you.

I’ve never had trouble with the flank-flank-flank because my entire group (myself included) are bloodthirsty killmongers in Firefights. We’re talking Ob 7-9 for Ammo Checks for a single exchange. :slight_smile:

As for Infection, we don’t really think in terms of combo attacks, which apparently we should, as it could do us some good.

I suspect players aren’t thinking in terms of the compromise part of the whole deal. I know mine don’t – they’re just aiming for the 0, no matter the cost. I mentioned in a recent group email that point-point-point doesn’t really win many arguments (or fights, or maneuvers) outright, since I’m almost certainly going to get some of what I want as well.



Point-point-point is chosen by people, who havent read rules yet. One of my player took this triplet on one of our first session, but he screwed it. It was beautiful lesson "how-not-to-play". I dont remeber which options I chose, but i lost only few points.

One trick from me - if Your players want to use triplet of points, let them go. Create your FoNs, take some traits which add bonus to Body of Argument and crush them. Theyve got 8-9 points in BoA? Ok, You have 15 or even 20. Theyll choose PPP and bite some of your skin, You`ll take Avoid th topic, Incite and few Rebbutals and eat their brains. When they will have half of his BoA You fire Point or Dismiss. Good night! :slight_smile:

Firefight: try Advance (u need more Disposition), then Suppresive Fire (use Blast & Intuitive weapons to destroy his units). Very risky maneuver is packing many dices (forks, help even artha) in Take Cover, and then allocate succeses in specialist action: Gaining Superior Comm. If u have best-of-the-best soldiers in your units, U will gain 2 or 3 successes on a test of Signals… And yes, i know that Ob for Take Cover in Flank is 1. Maybe they will screw that roll :wink: Ive regret that i didnt do that yesterday… Crap :wink:


Boring… Ask Your players in which game they want to play - BE for adults, or BE Duplo (with only one option)? Yeah - maybe they will create pack of ordinary soldiers with two skills (Observation & Assault Weapons or Tactics & Command) and one Belief (“I will frag everything around me”) & instincts (“Always have railgun”)? Come on… :wink: