Flying Side Kick

Is it legal to use a characters martial arts skill instead of his power stat to perform a charge action in fight?
(Thus simulating a “Flying Sidekick”)

That sounds like a great basis for a Die Trait…

The ability to use Skill Exponent instead of Power is called Precision Training. Did it make it into Gold?

No Precision Training, just Deadly Precision on page 320 and Practiced Precision on page 341.

Should this require a Die Trait then or should it be part and parcel of the whole martial arts thing?

Personally, I would rather have the Boxing/Martial Arts be offered as Training Skills that just opened up new options for the Brawling skill.
(You could use Brawling without them just like you can use a shield without training. Training just lets you do it better.)


Many of the old training skills are now traits. Precision Training was one of them.

I actually really like this idea.

Since Deadly Precision allows the character to use his skill exponent in place of his power exponent I’m thinking that would be the proper die trait to use then.
Without it, the player can still call his charge a flying side-kick but would have to use his Power exponent for it.