FON Without a Player? aka NPC FON's

I found in an earlier thread that Players play their characters and their characters bodyguards, lieutenants etc, as specified in the character burner.

The GM then plays everyone else including: GMFON’s (Of course.) Lieutenants and Bodyguards etc of GMFON’s (again of course.) PC Relationships and NPC’s brought in through circles, and… Player side FON’s that didn’t get picked up as a PC. (i only have two players, one is a FON, the other is a lieutenant and nephew to a GMFON)

That’s fine with me, I suppose, but then I assume I’m playing her to benefit my side (only natural, I can’t oppose myself. I’m crazy, not MPD.) So here are my questions. Can the players still call on her for a maneuver roll? She was, after all, a named FON on the human side. Because she is an NPCFON, and I control her, I can do things to her without any conflict whatsoever, is that correct? (stop it you sickos!) Does her status as an FON figure into my economy as a GM wrt scenes, points and dice for maneuvers?

Sorry, I’m having a hard time keeping track of who is who.

Could you describe it again with names for characters and players?


My freind Mike is playing a crimelord name Gregor Demetryoff, head of the Organized Crime faction, he’s a Figure of Note.

My friend Dennis is playing an Anvil Captain who’s name escapes me for the moment, so we’ll call him Bob. He is not a Figure of note, but is the nephew of the self styled Lord Tarrack a GMFON, who is head of the Military Junta faction.

On my side, in addition to Tarrack, I have Garrett Frost, the Vaylen infiltrator who is the operations manager for the Mining operation that the world has become. And Marcos Glye, the Corporate Administrator for the Planet.

During worldbuilding we did make another figure of Note for the Players side, that is Grace Tarrack, the wife of the Junta leader who is crusading against alien enslavement (they use them for labor.) But no one chose to play her as a PC.

So she falls to me.

Because she is a FON on the players side, can they call on her to make the maneuver roll?

Because I’m playing her, that means that I can do whatever I like to her without any conflict at all, correct? I.e. My Vaylen could hull her.

Does her status as a figure of note give me additional scenes as noted in the GM scene economy stuff? Does that mean I can give my FON’s helping dice from her when I roll for my maneuvers?

The GM should be playing the “unused” PC-side FON to that side’s benefit. The NPC would also share the player-side scene limitations.

Yes, this means the GM would need to be even more MPD than he already is. :wink:

Yes, but THEY have to include her in play.

You can do “whatever you want” with her so long as she abides by the rules for relationship characters.

She gets scenes for the players’ side if you want 'em.

She can grant helping dice.

And, because she is a RELATIONSHIP to the PCs (she better be), you can’t just hand wave her actions or actions against her. That said, here’s my Maneuver 1 for your game: Frost and Glye interstial. They agree that Tarrack’s gotta go. Frost says he’ll take care of her. Building scene Frost: Circles up some goons. Dispatches goons to kidnap Tarrack (with Close Combat). Hulls Tarrack (with Surgery).

Bam. Now you’ve got four Vaylen FoN to their two.

Now, some of those actions might take multiple builders. You might have to track her down if you don’t know where she’s at. You might need to Circles and Tech Burn up a Vaylen surgeon and some good medtech. Etc.

Regardless, you have situation and conflict right now.

Go get her, Tiger. Dare the players to stop you.