Fontocalypse 2023

Does this fix it?


It does!

However, what I intuited from the “vs ÷ skill” notation was that the opponent would be dividing their skill dice pool. This is from me seeing Throw Person’s Ob chart and seeing Counterstrike’s entry (If you’re throwing a counterstriker, you will test against their divided dice pool). This is to say, it seems like those division symbols should be scrapped from Counterstrike’s Ob chart – if I am counterstriking a greatstriker, I will not be rolling against their divided dice pool.

P227 of the BW Codex references the Creature Codex PDF, which I believe is not available anymore.

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P43 of Torchbearer Lore Master’s Manual

In description of Poison Mind Effect: “… manipulator tests to for goading …”

Suggested fix: “… manipulator tests for goading …”

Fortunately, we got that one. Sadly, the Fontocalypse hath cometh and the window for these changes has closed.

Thank you Gravestench, Erik, Gnosego, Evil, Chloe and everyone else who contributed!


Wish I’d have done more. :sweat_smile:

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