Am I reading this right?

Essentially, any time you make a test, if you can justify why a related skill or wise helps, you can add an extra die to the test? Up to one Skill and one Wise?

So it’s somewhat like HeroQuest in that respect.

(I’m not complaining, it’s a neat rule and kind forces the players to be a bit more creative with what they do. I just want to be sure I’ve understood it right. If so, can’t Human Nature-wise be added to just about any test in a DoW?)

Yup, as long as you can justify it, it goes in.

As for Human Nature-wise it would depend on the group. Some will read it as a sort of proto-psychology for Vaylen. Others will see it as more in line with psychohistory. In neither case is it an easy sell for everything in the DoW.

If the wise is about individual actions you’ve got to be dealing with a specific person’s emotions/nature to use it as a FoRK. If that’s not relevant to the action—for instance if arguing a point about history or logistics of a military operation—then it’s a stretch.

If the wise is about group actions you’ve got to be dealing with groups and what they’re doing. Not too helpful when trying to incite a person.

Sure, there will be some things it does not apply to.

But my point is that players are usually making rolls at one or two dice more than they have in a skill. Unless they are in a situation where none of their other skills can be applied.

So I ought to expect that.

You as GM can use the same rule; Human Nature-wise is a great FoRK for just that reason.

But your players are within their rights to tell you to fuck off if you don’t incorporate the FoRK in your narration. Colour the DoW with the wise and skill, and you’re good to go… leave the colour out, and you are a cheating scumbag.

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Oh. Yeah, get the question now.

Yup. When Obstacles are already low enough to be a routine test for a skill, players are going to top off with two extra dice if they can get away with it. Challenging tests if not needed will be dragged down to difficult if possible. Difficult tests—always needed, possible if hard with a base exponent—are the most likely to result in the players ignoring FoRKs in order to get that test while risking defeat.

Also, expect a lot of offers to help among players because helping is an easy way to get tests for advancement AND necessary for giving help on the maneuver roll. With help, FoRKs, and linked tests players can be rolling more than exponent + 2 + # of other players dice on tests. This will probably be when shit is really hitting the fan, but also for bringing in powerful tech or getting in touch with very specific people. If the players really want something and get together, they can martial the game resources required to get it.

Remember, appropriate FoRKs for conflicts and Infection are severely limited. For any type of maneuver, you may only skill-FoRK what’s listed with the maneuver.

Appropriate -wises can be used at any time for any test regardless of other limitations.