Full Frontal Nerdity - MG appears



One question. Why does he have a game screen when playing Mouse Guard? Then again I would expect that from those silly D&D players. LOL!

I use my D&D 4e screen (half of it) when GM’ing BW. I just keep my NPC list behind it as well as any notes on upcoming stuff players ought not see. Dice rolls are all in the open but that doesn’t mean my notes ought to be!

True. I just cover my notes when running Mouse Guard. I just find it gets in the way when pointing things out on the map and separates the GM from the players. And in a game like Mouse Guard I find I like that more grassroots feel of sitting around the table and co-telling and creating a story to the way we normally play other games with a game screen. I like to think due to Mouse Guard being different than traditional gaming I like to approach it as such.

hear hear :stuck_out_tongue:

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