Future Products


Are there plans to produce and release any additional MG supplements beyond the core rulebook?

I would love to see a mission book written by David Petersen.

There are no further books planned at this time.


And honestly I don’t know if you would really need to produce more books for it? All the rules you need are in the core book and anything else is pretty easy to tool together on your own.

I am not saying I would not LOVE to see future books but at this stage. The main book and your imagination is all you really need. Oh and your issues of Mouse Guard for inspiration.

Yeah, I agree that we don’t need anymore books to play the game. I love the fact that I only need the one book. But, I was thinking that a book that’s a series of missions, written by David Petersen, would just be so cool.

Hm. Now that I think about it, he’s working on just such a book right now – Winter, 1152. :slight_smile:

Ha, yeah, you’re right. But after the players read the comics there will be no surprises for them.

By the way, thanks for helping make this RPG a reality.

Well you could take the idea’s found within Winter 1152 and drop some of them into your game. Even if the players have read the comics doesn’t mean they cannot be brought into a similar situation yet tailored more to accommodating them and where they are in your story.

For new missions I usually read the newspaper or National Geographic and rework the stories to befit the world of Mouse Guard.

A useful resource that I have found are various guides to the northwoods. I believe that is what David Petersen uses as his setting for the books. Many of these books have interesting stories about the wildlife of the region that can easily be adapted or used for inspiration in a game.

On one hand, I kinda agree with levibushue … it would help to have some kind of “canon guide” to the game’s backdrop/history. I know there’s a few details scattered all over the rulebook, but GM’s that are used to having expansive campaign books will want to run something that is “consistent” with the world’s past and future.

On the other hand, the Mouse Guard comic is relatively young. I’ve only read the Fall 1152 graphic novel myself; but I don’t think we have enough “history” between the Fall and Winter comics, anyway. I really don’t want to put too much creative pressure on Mr. Peterson in putting more details in … I know it’s already pretty tough work!

Heck, I’m dreaming up scenarios between the War of 1149 and the “present” of 1152 … and I’m worried that whatever I think of (regardless of how bland the scenario is) would become contradictory to some future comic book!

A Mouse Guard campaign should center the players, their characters, and their characters’ BITs, Goals, and relationships.

You all realize Luke wrote the book for the roleplaying game, right?

Like any RPG based off something, there are generally two camps: canon sticklers and those who go with what works, canon be damned/circumvented/fudged. If you find it tough to figure out what the canon is (which I imagine is difficult if you haven’t read the comics), go with what works and with what people have fun with. Midnight and rebellion doesn’t work for you? Ignore it. I don’t think David Petersen will come to your door and cudgel ya.* :wink:

  • Though he might!

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made up stories in trying to explain how a certain circumstance actually fits canon. Or worse case, we just bring in the DC-favorite mechanism of multiple universes!

I don’t think Luke Crane developed Mouse Guard without a lot of input from David Petersen; and I don’t think Luke will want to do more development without more input from David. And that’s a good enough reason to me to explain why we might not see any future expansion on this.

BWHQ isn’t know for producing unnecessary supplements.

As others have already put it, do what works for your party and puts your mice in the thick of the story. I like to work within cannon but I am also a fan of the comics. My story takes place within the time just after Midnight’s attempts to take over Lockhaven have failed and there are still plenty mice drawn to his cause hidden away within the territory that are still about just waiting to strike their revenge for their fallen leader.

Is this what takes place in the Winter comics? No. The stories David Petersen creates are obviously canon but they are stories that take place with his particular group of mice and help to create the backdrop for the world he is created/creating. I think if one tries to stick too close to what the writer is developing they end up falling into the issues you seem to have were they are pigeonholing themselves for no reason.

The world is yours to develop within your group. Use the canon already available as a framework and build on it. I scour over the comics and look at each individual panel to capture the essence of the world and keep the flavour and look of the mythos in my games to give a similar experience but the most important part is that my players are the subject matter. They are my Kenzie, Saxon, Lieam, Blossom and the list goes on.

Sure their names are different and they are different Guard but that’s what is so amazing about this game. I can create my own history that surrounds my players/character and have epic stories to talk about. And David being the great storyteller that he is, is not going to have issues with you writing your games alongside his canon or going against it. I think as long as you have the spirit of the World of Mouse Guard there it doesn’t matter.

I have never really understood how people can have such a hard time with this. It is an Role Playing Game for goodness sake. The only limitations are the ones you set for yourself and your imagination. Set the artist free!

Read the comics, look at David’s Sketchbooks or check out his website and blog and look at some of the Mouse Guard work he posts and that will give you more insight to the flavor of the world.

So what if your game during the history of the Mouse Guard doesn’t match up with that in the eventual History of the Black Axe story that is next. Its your world now that David Petersen with the help of Luke Crane has given you the keys to the door and are now allowing you to make of it what you will.

One thing I would like to see would be a character portfolio where you have David drawing other mice along with a form fillable pdf, so you can make characters that look like the templates. Already printed the templates and adventures out on a colour desk jet and laminated the pages, which made for a kickass demo kit. So a way to make new mice wit illustrations would be nice.

bow Thank you for teaching me that!

I’m going to essentially repeat what I said in another thread: I believe we’ve become inundated with campaign books, supplement guides, and novels about fantastic fictional worlds. So much so that we’ve become “lazy” roleplayers.

I would wholeheartedly agree. I find that even when a new book comes out people are still looking for the next book and have not even begun to get their money’s worth out of the first release. I think Mouse Guard in all honesty does not NEED more content anytime soon. But if say over a couple years David and Luke decide to do a Companion book that just adds stats for new characters found within the comics as well as other gems found there within then so be it.

I think what I love about Mouse Guard is that it is only one book! I don’t have to lug a treasure trove around with me from Monster Manuals, GM’s Guide’s and any number of world specific character or item books. I only need Mouse Guard (and maybe the comics to introduce new players to the world) some pencils, paper, dice and away I go.

Okay so I sculpt mouse figs for my players and NPC’s and dress the table accordingly but if I am on the go then all I need is one book. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and what a GORGEOUS book it is!