Gelatinous Cube

So, this is my first attempt at a Monster. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :cool:

[i]The light from Bruce’s torch skittered across the dark and dank halls of the dungeon. Bruce held his hand to his nose, attempting to stop the acrid scent from entering his nostrils. Roland, studying the grade of the hallway noticed that they were descending further into the depths, and further away from the light. Thurinrandir felt uneasy as he looked around and saw that the 10x10 hallway seemed too clean, too precise, too perfect.

Eventually, the light came across one of the denizens of the dungeon. A lone skeleton, slowly moving through the dungeon. Thurinrandir felt confident that he could stealthily take out the skeleton from a distance with his bow. In a fluid motion he notched his arrow and shot at the skeleton. The arrow stopped in mid air, feet away from the target as he noticed his arrow start to melt.

Thurinrandir should have looked further down the hall. He would have noticed how rocky, rough and imperfect the hallway was, as the party prepared to engage a… [/i]

Gelatinous Cube
Might: 4
Nature (Ooze): 5
Nature Descriptors: Lurking, Consuming, Oozing
Dispositions: Fight 6, Chase 9. All else Nature + Nature roll. (A chase conflict is used when a party member is enveloped to escape)
Fight Weapons: Acidic Skin (+1s Defend), Paralyzing Skin (+1s Feint)
Flee Weapons:
Skills: None
Instinct: Consume everything in your path
Special: The skin of a Gelatinous Cube is highly acidic and sticky. Any players using a melee (non bow) weapons during a conflict with a Gelatinous Cube must roll 1D on a minor compromise. If the result ends as a scoundrel, the weapon is unusable (either eaten by acid or stuck in the Gelatinous Cube)

Since GCs are immune to so many weapons in ye olde D&D, I’d make them Might 4 or 5. Might 4 means they can’t be captured by normal means. Might 5 means you can’t kill them without magic.

Also, “Consuming” and “Enveloping” are essentially synonyms. I would replace one with “Slow”. Those things always just came on, inexorably forward.

I think, per what Luke said, they should be Might 4, if for no other reason then to keep them accessible as a mid-level enemy.

I like Might 4. Slow doesn’t feel like a nature kind of thing to me though. Everything else nature related seems like actively doing something (Boasting, Hiding, Etc.), but I agree they might be too synonymous. I think I’ll go with Sensing. They usually have tremor sense or some kind of heightened sense.

What about something like “Oozing”? It conveys movement and its incredibly slow speed.

Oozing is perfect!

You can still beat a might 5 creature in a dispo withiout magic?

It seems like Might 4 would be appropriate, unless you specifically wanted a G-Cube which could only be defeated by magic, in which case the GM would just adjust up.

It would take an army, another creature or a very high level warrior.

So, extrapolating from the comments here: Does your character might depend on your level? Also, is there a skill that can be used like scientist in Mouse Guard? I’m guessing when you say magic it might be Arcanist?

1: Sort of, sometimes. 2: Not really. 3: I mean magic swords and spells.

i cant wait for the full rules.