Gloryhound in BWG

So… I’m a bit confused on how to work the Gloryhound trait in Gold. I don’t think the text for it was updated for Gold, so it still appears to reference the old Fight!s positioning with closing. Also, that it only allows Charge for action, does that mean that if I have a second action in the volley that I’m hesitating for it counts as a Stand and Drool?

Cheers :wink:

Mm, yeah, that looks like old text. For “must Close,” I’d read “Must vie for position,” and I wouldn’t let them back up unless absolutely necessary. If they’ve successfully charged, I’d let them do what makes sense from there: Strike or Lock or Charging someone else. I would scorn anyone who tried to do something conservative, like Locking a hesitating opponent when there’s another enemy still fighting: Glory demands bold action!