GM developing obstacles

Okay so as the GM I am responsible for setting obstacles. Do I set my own obstacles for my characters?

Yeah, but do it out in the open, talking through each obstacle point. If a player calls Bullshit, then adjust accordingly.

What Jon said. I think this process is described in the Playing the Game section.


An example from my game - one of my FoN’s (an Inquisitor) wants to hit the
Archduke upside the head with his requirement of keeping all non-Mundas faiths off the planet. Now of course this doesn’t exist, so I set an obstacle for a Church Law test - 3 in this case, and it was going to be a linked test. Another FoN (the scheming Baroness) helped out with her Imperial Law skill and they made the roll.

Other times I’ve had need of Circles rolls for those characters, and those were likewise just discussed at the table, with the players getting a chance to call bullshit.

Yeah, this is basically what I did but i was curious if others approached it the same way.

Yes, Luke, it probably is in the BE book but frankly after 2 reads cover to cover I still don’t think I can digest 650 pages of text. In fact, didn’t I see you looking up rules during the BE convention scenario? big wink