GM Mission Fillable Sheet Feedback

I have put together a GM planning mission sheet to help me speed up the designing of missions and to also give me a nice finish that can be archived and used or edited at a later date.

I’m still pretty new to the game so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to use and distribute if it will help you.

Hi Kandros,

I assume you’ve seen the GM record sheet among the Mouse Guard downloads. I like your layout, but there’s too much blank space. I find it necessary to prepare only modestly for Mouse Guard. You easily could fit obstacles (I believe you mean, not objectives) and twists on the same side of the sheet. Also, it’s worth having some place to note the current season.

On the back, I’d cut down the number of NPC blocks to two or four. The first things to consider when planning a mission are the Beliefs, Instincts, and Goals of the characters. If your sheet was to supplant the extant one, I’d want this information handy. Also, the GM should have space to list BIGs for profiled NPCs.

I hope that’s helpful. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

Thanks wanderer. Don’t no why I noted the obs as objectives! I’ll fiddle around with your suggestions. I based this on the few missions i’ve put together as well as one or two from the forum. None of which went very deep into the game.

Not bad, I like.

I like it, I print both pages on one A4 side and fold it. Not too big, gets a little more firm, and doesn’t exceed the area of the other gaming stuff like note books and rule book (I’d love the rule book in A5).

I like the one you made a lot more. The canon character sheet has too small of texts… I almost wish they would have made it in a 3 part instead of 2… everything is just so tiny!