Gray Hate and skills derived from it

For a campaign we are doing character creation, a player want to shift his emotional attribute hate from black to gray. That would cost him 5 points but would mean he will start with G0 for his Emotional attribute. Is that allowed?

A problem with an emotional attribute that start at 0 or 1 means that skills derived from that attribute will open at 0 and in effect can’t be used (or helped with, or as a FORK). How should I handle these skills?

I am aware that the easy answer is “Do not allow gray hate”, but there is precedent to allow gray hate in this campaign. So I am considering all options.

If you have no Hate (an exponent of zero), you can’t open Hate-based skills.

But you still have Hate. Wouldn’t the G0 Attribute just yield a G0 root?. Any Hate based skills opened in Burning would have to either be advanced as such or else you could require that anyHate based skills for such a character be opened at root +1 or learned in play after the character advanced his Hate beyond G0.

Right, but with a G0 root, there’s no way to test the ability and thus no way to advance. It’s a problematic exception that causes way more trouble than it’s worth. I’d disallow it.

Larkin, your last suggestion is the one I’d go with. Once he actually has Hate (a zero means no Hate, again, just the potential for it), then the Orc can understand its use and begin to learn skills based on it.

I’m trying to think of an apt metaphor. Maybe skills that use fire, like cooking? While you may know the recipe for bread by heart, without the fire you just can’t cook it. While you have buckets of sand, you can’t melt it to make glass to blow bottles.

But Hate skills are even more than that. It’s like the Force. Without having it in you, you just can’t understand it nor even comprehend how it could be used to make amazing things happen. It’s magic.

Um, or, maybe, you can’t write a good love song if you’ve never been in love?