Great Strike vs Block

So on page 442, it says that a Great Strike “bypasses the Block action.” However, the Ob chart for both Great Strike and Block list them both as being vs Skill.

So, what does “bypasses the Block action” mean?

Might refer to blocking with a shield (and shield training). You can block a Great Strike with a shield.

I believe that’s errata, it looks like the ‘Strike’ obs appear in the Great Strike entry. Notice that the matrix lists Great Strike vs. Block as "Std. Skill Test: Ob 1.:

That’s very strange. My chart for Block on page 444 indicates no test for the blocking character.

But the farking Great Strike chart on page 442 indicates “vs Skill” which is WRONG. It should read “Ob 1.”

Was someone thinking “Block, if I happen to have a shield handy”, instead of “Any old block I might throw”?

Edit: And, of course, I respond without reading post #2