Grey Shade Bombs - OH YEAH!

So I’m looking at the materials section of BWG and it says if I want to break down a door, I test my Power vs. the Ob of the material. I am trying to determine if I make a G4 Mark bomb, what effective Power should it use to see if it can tear through the material?

Or does it go right through all Black rated material? Black stone? Can the bomb blow a hole in a regular castle wall?

Just looking for a way to contextual its capacity for ruination against stuff (since the PTWS is pretty clear already).

It should go right through black rated material. It should destroy a wall easily.

But you should also take this into account in failure conditions. Making a grey shaded bomb should have a more threatening failure condition than a black bomb. Using a grey shaded bomb would also have this as well. If you mess up and blow up the bomb early, now you are taking a G4 hit.

Not to mention the overall destructive force.

Think about the difference between a black powder explosive when compared to dynamite, or dynamite compared to nitroglycerin or plastic explosives.

Grey shade will give much enhanced results. If a one pound black shade bomb would blow a hole in the wall, the same size of grey shade could blow up the wall, (and the same size gold shade could blow up the structure)

I would increase the level of destructive force by raising the area of effect if something went wrong, or perhaps use the natural effects table to determine collateral damage.

(No book in front of me right now, so I could be wrong)