Guard for Paranormal Research and Defense (G.P.R.D.)

Hello everyone, I just finished reading the MG rulebook and obviously I love the thing (who wouldn’t?). I’m actually planning on playing it the first night of gencon (wednesday for us lucky folk) with my brother, sister, and wife to get us all in the mood for the weekend.

ANYWAY, I’ve read the realm guard rules (and now feel like I got two games for the price of one and cannot wait to pull a party of Dunedain together with my normal gaming group) and was really excited by both the hack and the possibility for future hacks.

The idea I have just started to formulate is a hack of MG for the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe from Image Comics. I’ve just started to think about it, but I’m wondering if anyone else has had the thought that this would work for MG before? I’m just starting to get rolling on how it would be different from the core game.

My biggest concern right now is how to account for the differences between different members of the BPRD with the large range of potential powers and skills they might have.

Any advice for hacking the game would be great!

Best advice I can give is to leave the main MG rules as intact as you can, making changes only where absolutely necessary. Also, get feedback here on the forums re: big alterations.

As for powers, you may want to consider traits for those. Maybe create 5 or 6 special powers as traits (“Strong As the Earth,” “Event Memory,” etc) and see how people work with those. Make sure you let them know that level 2 traits give +1D with every applicable roll, whereas level 1 traits can only be used for +1D once per session. So if the focus is everyone having a power, level 2s might be the way to go (which would mean they will have fewer traits at character creation, but will be focused on their powers).

For skills, you’d just need name changes, I think. Investigation instead of Scout, for instance.

Just some ideas to kick things off.

With most of these hacks so far the toughest thing to ‘figure out’ is how to define Nature. If you can get that right everything else should fall into place. Get it wrong and your game may go off like a dead balloon. :wink:

Hmm, Nature could be really fun in a supernatural campaign. It would be all the things that normal people do when faced with the terrifying unknown.

Running Away and Disbelieving come to mind.

(Heh, that would be a fun Grief-like mechanic. As you’re exposed to the supernatural, you gain Perspective (aka Insanity), but you can mitigate the effects through Rationalizing.)