Hack definition

I just need to satisfy a curious idea about whether the ‘thing’ I’ve been rolling in my head is a Hack or is something else.

Here is the general idea: using the eruption of Mt St Helens as an event, I was thinking of what happens as the natural world recovers from such a cataclysm.

  • there are already some cool documentaries which outline the recovery process and tell loads about first creatures to return, changing ecosystems, and patterns of predation
  • whatever mouse civilization existed before the eruption is utterly and completely destroyed–no ruins, no relics, no survivors, no refugees
  • the Spirit Lake was a central hub of civilization, but now that is the central point of recovery

So, I’ve been thinking of a few things to arrange this ‘thing’:

  • map of the territory for GM–players have no remaining maps or known regions of the Spirit Lake and Mt St Helens topology
  • history of mice civilization prior to eruption
  • history of mice civilization in recovery period
  • history, oath and duties of the Guard among the civilization

These are things I don’t see any reason to change:

  • recruitment can remain identical–no need to alter that aside from describing the settlements from which mice might join the Guard
  • character sheet, abilities, skills, wises can remain identical–no need to alter that aside from reminding players that volcanic ash is a resource for science, masonry, and medicine (possibly loads of other uses too)
  • BIGs and rewards can remain identical–no need to alter that aside from mentioning the objectives are possibly adjusted to environment

These are the objectives of making a ‘thing’ like this:

  • what makes up civilization? who is included/excluded?
  • who has rights to claim unsettled territory? are there new forms of governance which can be tested?
  • is the rationing/re-disbursement of limited resources a fair act? or should everyone be permitted to hoard what they find?
  • can mice/should mice help other animals to recover from the eruption? do they have an obligation to help predators recover in the ecosystem balance?

So, is that a Hack? or is is just a Setting? I’m inclined to think of it as a Setting rather than a Hack; because, it doesn’t intend to alter any mechanical functions–only narrative changes are offered.

:stuck_out_tongue: Its a setting.

Cool. Does it seem like an interesting setting? Is it appealing as a setting?

'Cause I don’t want to pour some time into developing this ‘thing’ into a piece of work that everyone kinda looks askance and says, “cool story, bro.”

I think it would be more interesting if there were ruins; something unknown to explore.

Other than that, go for it. Sounds to be a fun setting. I would play it, at least.

If I had the mouse-guard book with me right now :C