Had a good session in which no Artha was awarded

The players started the session in a difficult situation. Their friend had been captured, being beaten by enemy troops and their search of the enemy town had so far been hazardous. I was going to GM hard today.

One player rescued their brother and escaped the town.

The other was caught and forced to march with the army as the enemy gloated that his discovery of the PC had advanced the countdown to war with the town.

The players came up with plans from their respective positions. One to rescue the other and one to influence the coming war. Once convinced the men of his most hated race to stop aiding his captors. The other learned more of the dark religion that he’d sworn to wipe out. It could be used to save his family from the oncoming hostilities

The beliefs were used, each adding a particular irony to the situation.

During the Artha awards we looked at the things the characters did in service of their beliefs. And to every one that might have applied I said “No. I did that.” because it was true.

Not too sure I understand what you mean. So the beliefs did not drive play?

Was the I in the bold bit you the GM?

So stuff just happened, but none of the beilefs were acomplished or the players did not use them to cause themselves trouble?

Are the players going to re-write their beliefs? Are you going to threaten what they love and make them stand up?